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Legal Services in Dubai UAE

In-house Lawyer

Law Bridge has the best lawyers in Dubai who bring unparalleled expertise to meet your legal needs, ensuring success & protection for your businesses in the UAE.

Legal Grounds for Investors & Business Owners

There are a lot of investors establishing companies in the UAE. Once they have obtained commercial licenses and additional approval from the government. They just started to hire employees, marketing, and manage financial matters. Most of them do not think about legal grounds in the company. But this part is crucial for businesses, for example:

  1. What can be done if there is any disagreement between shareholders?
  2. If the company is non-profitable and has many labilities?
  3. The manager in the company abuses his power
  4. How to control the financial matter in allocating the investment?
  5. Who will be responsible for mismanagement?
  6. If one of the shareholders cannot cope with their responsibilities, how to remove him or decrease the shares?

What We Do

From the beginning of the start-up company, we will create documents and agreements and check legal compliance with the regulations in the UAE. Based on the legal documents we have made for your company; the company will be ready for any circumstances that may be faced. 

Commercial agreements

Tenancy Regulations

Legal consultations

Reviewing legal documents

Labor agreements

The average cost to hire an in-house lawyer for a company will be 400,000 AED annually. However, the lawyer may only have corporate experience and not have experience in litigation Court cases. Knowledge of Court cases and execution is necessary to prevent any legal risks. Our company has lawyers for two directions corporate and litigation.

What benefits will you get from working with us?

Questions? You’re covered.

Unlike external firms, in-house lawyers work exclusively for your company, fostering a deep understanding of your operations. This ensures a more personalized, cost-effective, and timely legal service, aligned with your business objectives.

Our in-house legal team covers a wide range of legal disciplines, including contract law, employment law, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and more. This diverse expertise allows us to address various legal needs within your organization.

Absolutely. Our in-house lawyer services excel in contract management, from drafting to negotiation and review. Our expertise ensures that your contracts align with legal standards and protect your interests in any business agreement.

Yes, our in-house lawyers are equipped to handle legal disputes and litigation. They work closely with external counsel when needed and guide your company through legal proceedings to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Absolutely. In-house lawyers collaborate with your leadership to develop strategic legal plans aligned with your business objectives. This proactive approach helps anticipate legal needs and ensures your legal strategy evolves with your company.

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