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UAE Labour Law - Filing Labour Complaint in the UAE

Your Guide to Successfully Filing a Labour Complaint in the UAE

Understanding UAE Labour Law

To successfully claim a labour complaint in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) it should be outlined carefully and involve a lot of requirements. Like many other jurisdictions, the UAE Labour Law is comprehensive and designed to regulate a wide range of employment relationships and scenarios. Thus, the provisions outlined are oftentimes difficult to follow, especially for expatriates. Employment relationship in the UAE has a high priority and are governed by the Federal Degree No. 33 (2021), named Employment Relationship. According to this law, employers and employees are obliged to comply with the provisions stipulated therein.

Filing a Labour Complaint: Your Options

In case of a breach of the terms and obligations, the party affected has the right to open a labour case by filing a complaint. Understanding the law’s nuances is vital, especially if you are a business owner or someone new to the country. Seeking a lawyer with expertise in UAE labor laws is recommended to navigate the process effectively.

Self-representation vs Hiring a Lawyer: What to Choose?

Within the UAE, the employee or employer has two options to file a complaint. One involves a lawyer, whereas the other allows self-representation.

A. Filing a Labour Complaint via the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Without a Lawyer)

Given that the attempt to resolve the dispute with your employer did not lead to any solution, you have the right to take legal action. One way to file is by notifying the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (hereinafter MOHRE), formerly the Ministry of Labour. The MOHRE provides a platform for you to file your complaint online or at the nearest Tasheel service center. The submission includes details about the specific issue, all parties involved, and evidence material. The MOHRE offers mediation services for 14 days. If no settlement is reached, the case can escalate to the Dubai Courts. At this point, legal representation is recommended.

B. Filing a Labour Complaint with a UAE Labour Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer familiar with labor law in the UAE offers guidance throughout the complaint filing process. The lawyer can represent you during negotiations, mediation, or court hearings, ensuring that you’re always informed about the status of your complaint.

Why Legal Advice is Crucial for Labour Complaints in the UAE

The UAE’s legal environment is complex. A lawyer guides to understand and apply the provisions correctly. Engaging with a legal expert provides a safety net for the complaint-filing process.

About LawBridge

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In Conclusion

Filing a labor complaint in the UAE requires a keen understanding of the nation’s intricate Labour Law. Individuals have the option to represent themselves or seek the expertise of a lawyer. For a comprehensive approach, understanding your rights, and ensuring all legal procedures are adhered to, seeking legal advice is recommended.

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