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Property Lawyer Dubai

Why You Need a Property Lawyer to Purchase UAE Property?

If you want to purchase property in the United Arab Emirates, congratulations! This is a special time to acquire UAE property, with its spectacular infrastructure and economic growth, beautiful skylines and architecture, and a bubbling melting pot of culture.

However, before you go popping the champagne and planning the housewarming party, there is the matter of signing on the dotted line and actually obtaining the property. And this is where hiring a property lawyer might be beneficial to you. Property is rather tricky in the UAE, so getting proper legal advice is pivotal for having a smooth buying process and avoiding costly and stressful pitfalls.

Here, we’ll go over why you should hire a property lawyer if you need to purchase UAE property, as well as common pitfalls in the property buying process and how LawBridge can help you with tailored legal advice.

Let’s get you your dream UAE property!

Why You Need a UAE Property Lawyer?

There are unique risks when dabbling in United Arab Emirates property. Whether it’s Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or somewhere else in the country, the property market there has special jargon and paperwork that’s best in the hands of a property lawyer.

Buying property in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE will no doubt be one of your most important purchases, so getting it right from the jump is crucial. Conditions, proof of ownership, leasehold vs. freehold, and more can become confusing rather quickly. Having another pair of trusted eyeballs with years of experience dealing with UAE property acquisition is not only smart, but it’s also cost-effective.

The type of lawyer used to buy property in the United Arab Emirates is called a conveyancing lawyer. Their entire job revolves around property, paperwork, and the buying process. Save yourself time, money, and stress by getting yourself a high-quality property lawyer for the best UAE property legal advice.

Common UAE Property Purchasing Pitfalls

Certain issues can arise when buying property in the UAE:

Freehold Property vs. Leasehold Property

These two property designations are vastly different. Freehold properties are where you own both the building and the land the building is located. In contrast, leasehold properties are basically long-term leases where you don’t own the physical land underneath the building. Property lawyers are up-to-date on which property is which.

Ideally, you can obtain a freehold property, but if you want flexibility, leasehold properties are also available. Get clear on what you want, then let property lawyers deliver you your dream property.

Buying Property On-Plan vs. Off-Plan

Either way is a fine option, but you need to have your ducks in a row if you decide to buy a property “off-plan.” This is important if you’re buying a property that is currently being developed. For the last dozen years, half of the UAE off-plan housing projects were finished a year beyond the intended completion date. Other pitfalls may include:

  • The developer may have not enough funds to cover the entire project before starting it which results in a delay in the project completion.
  • Often times real-estate developers do not follow all rules and regulations by the government which may result in not receiving a completion certificate from the government causing additional completion delays
  • Quality standards are not met, due to involved sub-contractors, causing increased costs and delays in the project completion

Some of the risks will be anticipated in the Sales Purchasing Agreement (SPA) but due to the complexity of those agreements, legal advice to double-check is always recommended.

Case Studies: LawBridge – Property Lawyers in Dubai

With a specific case here at LawBridge, a client approached us to seek legal advice as one of the biggest developers in Dubai had delayed the project our client had invested in for three years. Once we checked the SPA, we saw a clause that the buyer waived the right to claim compensation for any delay of two years which our client did not know of.

Luckily, regulations have tightened recently. However, there are still unregistered developers in the property market. There are also laws in place to protect buyers from breaches of contract. One is the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), which brokers and developers go to for approval before they can even advertise their properties in the media. And if your contract with a property developer gets breached in any way, having a property lawyer can help you act quickly to make sure your interests are put first and foremost.

Validity of Proof of Ownership

Fraudulent proof of ownership can grind your property purchase to a halt. However, finding out whether everything is legit can sometimes be a hassle to figure out. Real estate proof of ownership in other countries can be tough. But conveyancing lawyers can check for proof of ownership validity in two ways:

  • Title Deed for Complete, Existing Properties
  • Oqood for Unfinished Off-Plan Properties

This is a simple, straightforward detail but a very important one. Once you know the validity of the proof of ownership, you can move forward with confidence. A UAE property lawyer can help with this tremendously, especially with their access to the real estate market.

How LawBridge Can Help You Acquire UAE Property

LawBridge is a group of government-licensed United Arab Emirates lawyers to assist you in mitigating any and all property acquisition risks. With LawBridge’s aid, you can focus on the regular business dealings you should be focusing on. We can make sure every step of the property-buying process is smooth sailing.

Financial and legal facets can get confusing the deeper you get into the UAE property world. Let us relieve you of such a stressful burden by taking on all of the property acquisition details.

If you have any legal concerns currently and need a professional who can assist you, book a free consultation with a legal expert and visit: lawbridge. ae

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