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Overview: Key Judgments by the Dubai Court of Cassation

The Dubai Court of Cassation, in a series of pivotal rulings, has addressed crucial legal disputes, offering clarity on matters of significant legal topics. These decisions, encompassing license seizures, expert reports, appellate court actions, and appeal procedures, set forth new principles that legal professionals must heed in their practice. In this article we elaborate on the most important decisions.

Decision on Business License Seizure

A notable decision by the Court now permits the seizure of business licenses and intellectual property assets, unless expressly prohibited by law or nature. This marks a departure from previous rulings, thereby granting creditors more leverage in recovering outstanding debts.The seizure of a business license can have severe repercussions, including the inability to operate, legal and financial penalties, damage to reputation, and potential loss of assets.

Expert Reports in Lawsuits

The Dubai Court of Cassation ruled that courts are now empowered to consider expert reports from unrelated lawsuits, even if heard by non-specialized courts, provided they are properly submitted and part of the records. This allows for a more informed assessment of complex disputes, particularly in construction-related matters.

Appellate Court Powers

In a significant development, appellate courts are mandated to decide matters using the correct law if they overturn a judgment based on erroneous legal grounds. This streamlines the appellate process, bypassing the need to remand cases to lower courts for reconsideration.

Appeals Beyond Limits

Another decision implies, that appellants seeking orders beyond the court’s jurisdiction can now submit detailed appeals before the first hearing, thus averting penalties for failing to articulate appeal grounds earlier.

How Lawbridge can assist you

The recent decisions by the Dubai Court of Cassation introduced a new era of legal clarity and precedent in the UAE. By addressing critical legal disputes and establishing guiding principles, the Court has provided invaluable direction for legal professionals and stakeholders alike. It is imperative for all parties involved to heed these decisions and ensure compliance with the evolving legal landscape in the UAE. Our legal professionals from Lawbridge are well-versed in the latest rulings by the Dubai Court of Cassation, providing you with comprehensive insights and strategic guidance tailored to your legal needs. Whether you’re facing challenges related to business license seizures, expert reports, appellate court actions, or appeal procedures, trust Lawbridge to offer tailored solutions that safeguard your interests and ensure compliance with the evolving legal landscape. Contact us here today to benefit from our specialized knowledge and experience.

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