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Terminate Tenancy Agreements Before Expiration

How to Terminate Tenancy Agreements Before Expiration?

Many people living in the UAE may face an issue regarding terminating the tenancy agreement before intended. It is challenging if you do not protect your rights while filling out the tenancy contract.

What Do Laws Say About Terminating Tenancy Agreements Before Expiration?

According to Law 26 of 2007, the lease agreement legally binds the landlord and the tenant until the contract expires. Law 26 of 2007 does not include any clause of early termination by either of the two parties.

However, a tenant can still end a tenancy contract early.

What Are the Ways of Terminating Tenancy Agreements?

  1. Before you sign a tenancy agreement, you shall agree with the landlord to sign an additional agreement mentioning early termination by providing a legal notice beforehand.
  2. If there is no early termination clause, you need to negotiate with the landlord about early termination; there might be a demand from the landlord for compensation.

If both parties do not mention the early termination clause in the tenancy contract, later terminating the tenancy agreement would be more difficult.

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